Reef Cloud

Harnessing the best in artificial intelligence and on-ground knowledge to help secure the future of coral reefs

What is ReefCloud

What is ReefCloud?

ReefCloud is an open-access platform that quickly and efficiently collates data to inform reef management decisions. Guided by end-users and using cutting-edge technology in data science and machine learning, ReefCloud helps reef scientists to:

  • manage, archive and share monitoring data
  • fast-track the recording of change to reef communities using automated technologies
  • collaborate and communicate widely on our understanding of where and how coral reefs are changing
You can't manage what you can't measure

You can't manage
what you can't measure

To make informed decisions about the best way to manage our precious coral reefs, we need to be able to accurately monitor their condition, gathering data about how they are being impacted by increasing pressures. As coral reefs experience increasing pressures, it is critical that monitoring remains accurate, compatible and collaborative to support coral reef conservation.

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Manage monitoring data

1. Manage monitoring data

ReefCloud users submit photos of the reef taken during their surveys, along with associated data - such as location, date, habitat, depth - to aid rapid assessment of the condition of coral reefs. An automated pipeline secures and organises these data to produce ecologically relevant information. There are options to share data at multiple levels to foster collaboration between scientists and organisations.

Fast & advanced image analysis

2. Fast and advanced image analysis

ReefCloud is designed to machine-learn from experts to automate image analysis and extract ecologically relevant information, such as coral cover and reef composition. This allows scientists to:

  • validate automated methods
  • increase efficiency in data analysis
  • efficiently extract advanced taxonomic detail from images
Automated synthesis & reporting

3. Automated synthesis
and reporting

ReefCloud uses statistical models to analyse the abundance of reef organisms, harnessing machine-learning techniques. These ‘smart models’ account for differences in survey methods, spatial representation of surveys, and uncertainty from image analysis, to provide a robust synthesis on the status and trends of coral reefs. Interactive dashboards, report cards and data access tools facilitate interpretation, reporting and communication on the condition of coral reefs across geographies.

Colaborate to inform conservation

4. Collaborate to
inform conservation

ReefCloud is designed by coral reef scientists, data scientists and conservation practitioners to provide user-friendly, ecologically robust and purposeful solutions. It brings together the best available expertise, data and technologies, making them accessible to support an integrated approach to coral reef monitoring. Users can manage and share their data to collaborate and generate robust and timely advice for managing coral reefs. Better and more readily available knowledge will support smarter decisions to protect our coral reefs for current and future generations

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